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Monster''s Ball - Red Marble - Vinyl

By: Arthur Brown,Alan Davey,Rat Scabies,Brian Auger,Gilli Smyth,Roye Albrighton,Shuggie Otis,James Williamson,Carmine Appice,Ian Paice,Joel Vandroogenbroeck,Steve Hillage,Nik Turner,The Coffin Daggers,The Sinclairs

Monster''s Ball - Red Marble - Vinyl
VINYL NEW 2 available


Vinyl Cleaning Service

Vinyl Cleaning Service

  • The rice paper sleeve is the best way to store your records. The sleeve is softer than the vinyl and will not give your lp sleeve scuffs like stiff paper sleeves. 
  • The resealable outer sleeve is sure to keep dust and particles out of your super clean lp, while it sits on your shelf. 
  • The 200W ultrasonic cleaner is sure to get used records as clean as the day they were made, giving you a superior listening experience. This should eliminate many of the pops and cracks that is caused by dust and dirt on your record.

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