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Toad Hall is full of treasures and items that you are probably not going to be able to find anywhere else. Here are some of the things that we have at the store. Come stop by and check us out!


Science fiction, Mystery, True crime, War, Music, Yearbooks, Cookbooks, Art, Ancient History, Local History, Sports, Movie/ Movie Star, Autobiography, Childrens, Westerns, Occult, Astrology, Poetry, Travel, Religious, Literature, Classics, Photography, Dramas /Plays, Horror, And Books on tape/cd.

Records (33's 45's and 78's):

Rock, Hair Metal, Punk, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Mood, Classical, Male Vocal, Female Vocal, Foreign/ International, Hawiian, Soundtracks, Broadway Musicals, Reggae, Picture Disks, Industrial, New Vinyl, Colored Vinyl, Spoken Word, Big Band, Folk, Compilations, Local, Sealed, Surf, Personality, Comedy, Country, Christmas.


Cd's, Reel to Reel, Cassettes, 8-Tracks.


Comics from golden age - current, Graphic Novels, Indepandants, Marvel, DC, Mad Magazine


Music posters new and old, 100s of movie posters.


Life, Time, Rolling Stone, Popular Science, Look, Saturday Evening Post, Vintage Womens Magazines, Vintage Adult, National Geographic, Film Magazines.


DVD's, 8mm, 16mm, Laserdisk.


Role Playing, Dungeons and Dragons 1st- 4th ed. Books, Modules, Vintage Board Games.

Other Crazy Stuff:

Remember Toad Hall is full of odd collections or items, many of these things are one of a kind.