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Lp Flattening Service 3 for $12

Lp Flattening Service 3 for $12


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Flatten your warped records. We provide a service for you to get that record back straight.

Can not fix:
-Heat damage records
-Picture discs (they simply do not flatten)

I can fix.
-dished LPs
-"all over the place" warps
- potato chip style warps
- Most newer press (2000s - current)
- Most vintage lps (pre 2000)

Send at your own risk: a small percentage of colored vinyl records react badly to the machine and distort the record. Although this is a small percentage. I can not be responsible for the record in case of this. 

Send us your records (preferibly without jackets) so they do not get banged up in shipping. I am not responsible for any corner dings, seemsplits or damaged sleeves. 

To our store 
Toad Hall
2106 Broadway 
Rockford IL 61104

If an LP cannot be flattened. You will be refunded for that LP. I will then ship your lps back to you.

Typcially a week turn around time. 

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