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Dallas 362 - DVD

Dallas 362 - DVD
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A gritty portrait of the complex dynamics between friends and family and the journey one man takes and the choices he must make to find his way home.

Rusty wanders through his life, happily finding himself in the middle of trouble with the only person he can relate to, his best friend, Dallas. Without the understanding of Rusty’s mother, the only adult figure in either of their lives, Rusty and Dallas would never get out of their jail cells. For sanity’s sake, Mary employs her therapist boyfriend, Bob, to help set Rusty on the right path. As Rusty and Bob forge a genuine relationship, Rusty begins to embrace the life and death of his father, a rodeo star, allowing him to make bold decisions about his future that lead to new possibilities in the lives of all three. While Rusty finds small doses of clarity and direction, Dallas chooses a darker road to a more meaningful and higher status. When the time comes to begin their journeys, their friendship is pushed to the brink and they are both forced to make decisions that will change their lives forever.

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