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30 For $30 comic lot

30 For $30 comic lot
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Check out the latest offering from Toad Hall. Looking for a way to get into comics for over 50% off regular store price. This is the deal for you. We will send the coolest comics to you. Here is what you get.

30 comics 

  • Guaranteed 15 are main super heros, such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Avengers, Justice League, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Xmen, Flash, Daredevil, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman or Spawn.
  • 1 new comic (New comic within last 2 years. Cover price is $3 or $4)
  • Free Shipping!

Q: Can I get these put into comic book bags and boards?
A: Yes, we will bag and board all your comics for an extra $5.

Q: What kind of comic can I expect to recieve?
A: The comics are hand picked to include comics from 70's to current. Remember you're guaranteed to get at least 15 main super heros. The other half could be anything. 

Q: What kind of condition are these books in?
A: These are previously owned books that we have aquired here at the store. Expect them to be in fairly good shape. We will NOT ship anything with major tears, pages missing or water damage. Expect lightly read comics that are clean and flat. 

Q: Where do you get all your comics?
A  Toad Hall has had a large stockpile of comics for decades and remains one of the major sources for comics in the area. We buy comics from collectors. Typically they come in large collections, which explains why we can sell them so cheap. 

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Not sure about what you're getting? Check out our record grading guidelines here at our Grading Page.