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Enemies & Allies

By: Anderson, Kevin J.

Enemies & Allies
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Kevin J. Anderson sets himself up for quite a challenge by choosing for his central characters two of the world's most famous characters. Between the two of them, Superman and Batman have spurned innumerable comic book stories, countless television show episodes, action figures, and at least a dozen big-screen adaptations. But Anderson's retooling of the story of when these two archetypal superheroes first meet offers a plausibly compelling plot and some interesting new back-story details. Amidst the paranoia and tensions of the Cold War, The Dark Knight and the Last Son of Krypton do not take to each other immediately--Bruce Wayne distrusts Superman's claim of being an alien, and Clark Kent believes Batman to be a criminal. Anderson deftly toys with the character differences between the heroes that have evolved over the decades, adding his own take on things as well. ENEMIES & ALLIES is a fun read, and one that fans and casual observers alike can enjoy., Shortly after Clark Kent interviews Bruce Wayne for a feature in the Daily Planet, their alter egos cross paths as Batman and Superman are drawn into Lex Luthor's scheme for world domination--a scheme that involves the Soviets, death-ray transmitters, and all the heat of the Cold War.


Pages: 326

Condition: Like New,  It looks as though it may have been read once.

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